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Supertec supplies gypsum & fibre cement boards for ceiling and wall construction in commercial, residential, educational, medical and retail facilities. Supertec stocks and distributes board from a variety of suppliers both local and international such as Gyproc, Siniat, Nutec and others. As we represent a number of leading suppliers, we offer a diverse range of boards with multiple options of thickness, fire resistance, moisture resistance and audio absorption.  

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The Supertec range of boards are supplied in multiple options of thickness, width and length offering various options in strength, fire resistance, moisture resistance and sound absorption.  

THICKNESS:  6.4mm  /  9mm  /  12mm  /  15mm

WIDTH:  900mm  /  1200mm

LENGTH:  2700mm  /  3000mm  /  3600mm


Gyproc offers a diverse range of boards  to meet your specification including RhinoBoard®, Firestop®, Sounbloc®, MoistureResistant® and more.

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Nutec plain and textured boards are extensively used as nail-up ceilings and as an all-purpose building board for other interior and exterior applications.


The extensive Siniat range of boards includes Siniat Baseboard, Siniat Easyboard, Solidtex, Siniat Firecheck, Siniat Moisturecheck and more.

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