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Supertec has teamed up with the world's leading experts in acoustics and aesthetics, offering a wide range of acoustic ceiling tiles, baffles, clouds, and other acoustic treatment solutions. We have supplied acoustic solutions for a number of high-end projects including acoustic baffles used in he Momentum head office atriums, South 32 Head office, a number of KFC branches, GAP clothing stores and many more. We continuously strive to improve and expand our offerings to better serve contractors and architects in the Southern African region and beyond. 





Acoustic baffles & shapes are the ultimate tool for design freedom. Positioning panels at various angles or clusters offers limitless design flexibility. Using different colors, shapes, sizes and incorporating lighting creates a unique ceiling feature. Hanging panels are perfect for the combination of aesthetics and acoustics to increase sound absorption and noise diffusion in any space. The panels can be installed in new spaces or used in retrofitted workspaces. This concept takes the interaction between the space, the people and the activity to a new acoustic and aesthetic experience. A calm and peaceful work environment is a significant factor for improving employee performance. Acoustic baffles and shapes can reduce unwanted noise, resulting in less distraction, clearer communication and maximum productivity.

●  Auditoriums  ●  Retail Outlets  ●  Educational Venues  ●  Health Care Facilities  ●  Offices
●  Sports Venues  ●  Restaurants  ●  Public Spaces  ●  Art Galleries  ●  Religious Institutions


  • Create a multitude of contemporary looks.

  • Reduces excess noise to create a more comfortable environment.

  • Allows easy access to ceiling for services.

  • Enables natural light to come through.

  • Quickly demountable

  • Height can be easily adjusted.

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Exclusive distributors of

Rockfon is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic stone wool ceiling products worldwide. Our diverse range of Rockfon ceiling tiles offers a fast and simple way to create beautiful, comfortable spaces. We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Rockfon products throughout Southern  Africa.  


Knauf Ceiling Solutions ceiling tiles epitomise the modern appearance and is the optimal solution for spaces that need excellent sound absorption. 

The extensive range of ceiling tiles is categorised in the following specialised categories:

  • Acoustics

  • Fire Protection

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Light and E-tech

  • Material and Design

  • Sound

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