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by wwwsuper / Friday, 17 April 2015 / Published in Ceilings

Antique Decorative Ceiling Design Discovered In Aberdeen

Looking at an antique decorative ceiling, can transport one to back the time and era that it was installed and lead you to imagine life back then under that antique decorative ceiling.

On a business trip to Aberdeen in the Karoo, I met with the owner of a B&B called Pagel House, originally known as Claremont House, which was first owned by R.C. Logie Junior, a wealthy, ostrich feather trader, before being bought by zoo and circus owner, Frank Wilke, and was renamed Pagel House. Built in 1897 during the ostrich and wool boom, Pagel House embodies the era when Aberdeen (Karoo) flourished as a thriving, farming town.

Frank Wilke, the then owner of the house in Stockenstroom Street, was the owner of the largest, private zoo located just outside Aberdeen. He was an ardent admirer of Pagel. After Pagel’s death, Wilke arranged with his widow to acquire the marble name plaques that now grace the guest house in Aberdeen. He also bought the Pagel Circus and moved it to Aberdeen.

There is a wealth of architectural history to be found in South Africa and more specifically in the old towns throughout the Karoo like Pagel House.

As I arrived at the house, I was immediately captivated by the sense of history that the Pagel House reflected. On entering the house, my attention was drawn to the extremely high decorative ceiling that was built like that in order to keep the house cool in the heat of the Karoo sun. I could not help but marvel at the design of the old ceiling as well as the overall pristine condition it was in. Lyn Dugmore, present owner of  Pagel House, gave me the Grand Tour, the history and the opportunity to photograph and share with you this little piece of history in decorative ceiling design that I think is worth remembering.

Today, decorative ceiling designs range from the ornate, lending inspiration from time past, however, decorative ceiling design also explores innovative, simplistic, patterned and shaped designs that almost seem to defy natural law. Supertec supplies just about every style of pressed metal and decorative ceiling design available.

Ornate-Cornice  Ceiling-in-entrance-hall  Ceiling-in-mini-lounge

Ornate-Cornice and ceiling-in-main-lounge  Pagel House


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